Quick Release Door Hinges

Posted by Sean on 11/8/2017 to K-Tuned News
Quick Release Door Hinges
We have seen a lot of discussion recently regarding doors flying off at WCF this past weekend. We have also seen that our quick release door hinges have come up in the conversation a few times. We want to make it very clear that there are many cars running our door hinges on race days without any problems including SpeedFactory Tuning & Fabrication 200+MPH Outlaw Civic. It is very important to note that the car doors must be adjusted and fitted perfectly and tight in the door frame of the chassis. Failure to do so could leave gaps where air can start to pull the door away from the frame. Proper fitment is even more crucial because lexan windows and window latches (to hold in the top of the door) are not allowed in many classes.

Genuine B/D Shifters

Posted by Sean on 12/14/2015 to K-Tuned News