TSX/Accord Billet Shifter Base Plate

TSX/Accord Billet Shifter Base Plate

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Part Number:KTD-BIL-AC2
Fits: KTD-TSX-ACC - K-Tuned TSX/Accord Shifter ONLY (Does not fit OEM Accord or TSX Shifter)

Note: This is only for those who have older style KTD-TSX-ACC (K-Tuned TSX/Accord Shifter) and want the upgraded base so they can mount it directly to the tunnel.

Mounting Note: When mounting to the tunnel of an EF/EG/EK/DC2 you can tap/bend the lip where the old shifter used to pass through. This will be enough to mount the shifter directly to the tunnel. If you want to move it forward or back you will have to cut the lip off completely. All mounting hardware is included. You will have to drill 4 holes into the tunnel to mount it.

The K-Tuned Billet Shifter Base Plate is designed to install older KTD-TSX-ACC (K-Tuned TSX/Accord Shifter)  in EF/EG/EK/DC2. This is a replacement for older shifters which did not have the mounting locations on the plate. This setup is preferred by many racers, esp. road course racers, because it mounts the shifter higher in the vehicle, keeping it closer to the driver and the steering. It also leaves a lot more room below the car for large exhaust systems.

The Shifter Base Plate was designed to route your shifter cables inside the car. Generally users set them up to exit through the heater hose hole in the firewall. Note that we are assuming the heater core has been deleted on most race cars. We also want users to be aware that this shifter setup does not clear any interior panels or center consoles on any chassis.

This shifter setup is gaining in popularity because it can be used on a K-Swap car with the newer 06-11 Civic SI trans (also referred to as the K20Z3 trans) or K24 TSX or Accord transmissions 

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