Genuine B/D Shifters

Posted by Sean on 12/14/2015 to K-Tuned News

It is a shame how much knock-off product is in our industry and that it is being supported by so many people. We have seen companies copy our products for a while now and lately it seems to be getting worse. There is a lot of time and money that go into developing a new product. When we designed our B/D Series Shifter it was a concept that took many forms. We worked with the idea for years and then it sat for a while. When we got back to working on it we spent more time and resources developing better prototypes, testing components, and ensuring it works properly. Like any new product there is a lot that happens behind the scenes before any information is released to the public. When a company makes a copy they will copy the product aesthetically with little care to function, strength, or quality. They attempt to make a product that looks similar at a cheaper cost. Using mystery metal from China, poor machining, and bad components to cut any cost possible.

We have seen a large number of fake shifters being sent in for warranty claims. Unfortunately, when you buy a fake product you get the quality associated with a Chinese copy. They simply want to sell something and do not care who it hurts or if the product actually works. The eBay seller you bought it from is probably operating under another name now and you have little hope of getting a hold of them.  

Always buy from a genuine K-Tuned vendor. A full list is available here?? Dealers

Genuine K-Tuned B/D Shifter will only feature a black elbow. We do not make it in any other colors. Logo will always be CNC engraved after anodizing.


Notice the bearing will be either black or brown. Will not be completely silver.


Notice the machining marks on the stainless steel bottom shaft. Copies often try to hide poor material with polishing or cheap chrome.


Notice the flat shave face on the shifter. This allows simply upgrade to Pro-Circuit B/D Shifter for customer wanting to make the change. (This is only available once a confirmed K-Tuned product is used. We will not help with your fake shifter that broke)


The billet elbow and bottom shaft have been revised to a stronger design. The design now looks similar to a cylinder of a revolver gun. The base shaft features 5 holes and billet elbow features 6. This allows greater adjustment with 30 positions. 



Brass ball has replaced the steel ball to allows smoother shifting.

We constantly change our products to make them better. We have made many revisions over the years that knockoffs will not feature. We constantly try to make a better product.

You can find the listing here ??B / D Series Shifter