Heater Outlet Plug
(K20A/A2/Z1 Heads)

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Part Number:KHP-PG-302


  • K-series cylinder heads 
* Cylinder heads with heater hose fitting besides the header
* The tread on the head is M20x1.0

Some of you may be interested in deleting the heater hoses and heater core from your K-swapped vehicle.  The K-Tuned Heater outlet plug is made from zinc plated steel and allows removal of the OEM heater hose fitting found on the exhaust side on some K-series cylinder heads.  For installation, simply remove the OEM pipe fitting and replace it with our K-Tuned plug for a nice clean look.  The plug comes with a new crush washer to prevent any coolant leaks.  Ugly looped heater hoses are no longer needed.

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