High-Flow Catalytic Converter

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Customer Notice: I understand this product is sold for RACE use only and is not legal for use on highway or street vehicles. K-Tuned makes no representation or claims that this product complies with any emissions standards
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  • Universal (can be added to most exhaust systems)

1. As of January 2009, these Catalytic Converters are NOT LEGAL for Sale into the State of California and are not for use on vehicles registered in California as a result of California Vehicle Code Sec. 27156 and 38391.

2. This converter is NOT to be used in a turbo or supercharged application. Warranty will not apply in this instance.

3. Aftermarket catalytic converters are only permitted if your vehicle does not have a converter or if a government emissions testing program has determined that the existing converter needs replacement. It is prohibited by law in the United States and Canada to remove a properly functioning factory catalytic converter.


* Offered in 3 different sizes


- ODB 1 Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter Dimensions


Outer Shell Size - 4.00" O.D.

Overall Length - 8"

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