K-Series Detent Springs

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Part Number:KTD-SFT-SPD
  • All K-Series Transmissions
* 80% stiffer than OEM Springs
* Instantly notice a difference in front to back gear engagement. 

Installing these detent springs paired with our shift selector springs will drastically change the feel and performance of your gear changes. They offer an 80% increase in stiffness over off the shelf OEM springs. Worn out or broken detent springs can cause you to pop out of gear unintentionally or fail at locking you into gear while making a gear change. 

With these springs installed, you will instantly feel a difference in gear engagement which will result in more confident gear changes. These springs paired with our shift selector springs will instantly improve the feel and response of your shifter as the selector spring will stiffen up the side to side movement making gear selection and engagement more predictable and direct. 

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