K-Series Knock Sensor w/plug

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Part Number:KTD-KNK-300


  • All 2002 - 2011 K Series Engines with BLACK K-Series Knock Sensors
*Excludes K24Z - Series
* Does Not Fit - Newer Models 2021+ K24Z series engines

By now, the original knock sensor on many K-Series engines is very old and brittle. Often the sensor is easily broken or already broken. If you have worked on your engine and tried to unplug the sensor chances are you've noticed the broken top of the sensor. This happens over time, because the plastic body becomes very weak and brittle from normal engine heat cycles. Our K-Tuned Knock Sensor is an improved replacement option. The sensor is available is 2 styles, green and black. Simply, check the color of your broken sensor and you can easily order the correct replacement. Note that our black sensor include a replacement plug and pigtail for easy rewiring into any harness.

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