K-Series Throttle Cable With Bracket

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  • 88-05 Civic EF, EG, EK, EP. EM
  • 90-01 Integra DA, DC2
  • 02-06 RSX DC5
* Available in 3 different lengths 95cm, 125cm, and 145cm

* Works on Type S or Aftermarket or JDM Brackets (Throttle wheel must be on the right side)
* Does NOT fit BASE RSX
* OEM style only works on 02-06 RSX Type S or USD/CDN EP3 Throttle Body
* JDM Style is for the throttle bodies that don't have cruise control wheels like JDM K20A, Skunk2, and BDL Performance


Tired of having a throttle cable long enough you could dry your laundry on it? K-Tuned has developed a custom throttle cable bracket and matching properly sized cable. No more long throttle cable all over the engine bay, this one is just long enough to reach the firewall with no wasted length and just enough slack. Cable is a custom sized OEM quality cable. 

Cables Lengths:

* Standard K-Swap Cable -95cm / 37.40in
* Center Feed / ITB K Swap Cable - 125cm / 49.21in
* RHD K-Swap Cable - 145cm / 57.09in 

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