K-Tuned Tucked Engine Harness

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K-Tuned Tucked Engine Harness
Applications:  K-Swap Cars, 02-04 RSX Type S, RSX Base or EP3 with Type S or K24 Swap

Does not fit RHD cars.

The K-Tuned Tucked Engine Harness is designed as a high quality replacement 02-04 RSX Type-S harness that offers a super clean look. We have made the harness with lots of features so it will work with nearly all K-Series engine swaps and the 02-04 RSX Type S. It includes all the necessary plugs with a handful of extras (Fan Switch, IACV, Temp Sensor, ETC). We used only SAE certified automotive grade wiring resistant to moisture and most solvents to ensure quality and durability. High quality military grade heat shrink loom is used to cover entire harness which is resistant to gas and diesel. It is rated  for -55° C to 150° C (-67° F to 320° F). We have also used a popular and clean tucked wire layout. The main harness runs over the valve cover and even hides the injector plugs, which come up from under the manifold. RDX injector plugs come with all harnesses. The pins on RDX injector plugs can be fitted into the oem RSX Type S 310cc plugs which makes switching quick and simple. We have incorporated the charge harness and alternator power wire into the harness. We used a thin, but high grade power wire to help keep the overall size down. On swap chassis, the power wire will work with fuse box in factory location or relocated under the dash. Separate power wire is available for other chassis and those that prefer to run their own charge wiring. Everything is labeled clearly to ensure a simple installation and no confusion. 

Key Features

All plugs included (Fan Switch, IACV, Coolant Temp Sensor, Both Knock Sensor Plugs)
Covering is gas and diesel resistant and rated for -55° C to 150° C (-67° F to 320° F) 
SAE Certified Automotive Grade Wiring
All plugs are labeled
Tucked design
Harness runs over valve cover (Can be covered with coil pack cover)
Integrated power wire and charge harness. Works with fuse box in stock location or relocated under dash.
Injector wiring runs from under manifold between middle runners.
Ground wire relocated to stud under coil pack cover (instead of front of the valve cover)
Includes single wire temp sensor wire (For k-swap cars stock cluster)
3 Aux wires run from ECU to under intake manifold. Two ECU pins pre-installed.
Wiring long enough for both VSS low frequency or high frequency (High Frequency transmissions will require repining plug and slight modification to VSS)
Extra knock sensor plug included.
Each harness is inspected and tested before shipping.
RDX injectors plugs come standard (RSX Type S injectors use the same pin. Can be easily switched)

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