New B/D Pro-Circuit 2 Shifter!

Posted by on 5/11/2017 to Product News
New B/D Pro-Circuit 2 Shifter!
Applications: B and D Series Engines

Pro-Circuit 2 isn't a replacement for the original Pro-Circuit but a different option. It adds a little extra height but the main change is how much further the shifter is moved back. This has come under many requests from customers and racers who have moved their seat back and wanted a shifter closer to them. It is also a great option for EK which have a larger dash and when raising the shifter the knob can get very close to the dash. 

Since 2012, when our original B/D Shifter was introduced we received several requests to make our shifter taller. It seems a few of our customers were using our shifters fully extended for circuit racing and in some cases they were even adding an extra 4" shift extender to increase the overall height even more. Although this might seem fine, the added height increases shift leverage and our original design was not made to support this modification. The requests for a taller setup continued so we designed the K-Tuned Pro Circuit B/D Shifter. We also had requests asking us to put the look of our Billet RSX Shifter into an option for the B/D users, so we started making a few changes 

The most noticeable change to our new design is the offset elbow, which is now locked in a fixed position to increase strength, it does not rotate anymore like our original. The new elbow now allows a maximum height setting that is 5" higher than stock. We now use a brass pivot ball and a more stable bearing setup to further reduce friction. The pivot ball is threaded and still allows the user to move it up or down to adjust the shift throw as desired. For construction, only high quality materials are used to ensure the shifter will last even in the hands of aggressive drivers. A mix of 100% stainless steel is used on the upper and lower rods, the offset elbow is made from billet aluminum and the new pivot ball as mentioned earlier is now made of brass. Like 90% of our product line, this shifter is 100% North American made as are all the raw materials. All hardware, spacers and allen keys for adjustment are included in our kit. This is without any doubt, the ultimate shifting upgrade for any B or D series engine setup.