New CMC Remote Reservoir

Posted by on 2/8/2018 to Product News
New CMC Remote Reservoir
K-Tuned CMC Reservoir is a direct replacement for your remote mounted Reservoir. Machined from 6061 aluminum. The double o-ring seal ensures no chance of leak. The diaphragm allows fluid movement without letting air interact with brake fluid. This is crucial as brake fluid is hygroscopic (absorbs water from the air) which can cause premature clutch fatigue and overheating. 

This can be changed without bleeding clutch system. First, place an absorbent towel or cloth below the CMC and reservoir. You do not want brake fluid to come in contact with any paint. Remove the stock reservoir from the bracket and empty it into a bucket or cup. You can turn it upside down without disconnecting the line to the CMC.  Figure out mounting of the new bracket, at this point you can remove the stock bracket. Disconnect the line from the base and install it onto the new billet reservoir. Then slowly fill the new reservoir. 

Available in three sizes. 1/4" Hose, 3AN, or 4AN

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