New FPR Bracket For K-Tuned Fuel Rail

Posted by on 9/6/2017 to Product News
New FPR Bracket For K-Tuned Fuel Rail
Application: Only fits K-Tuned k-series fuel rail. 

Note: Does not fit with KUW-20T-XXX upper coolant housings. 
Please Note that you may have to file down the OEM Phenolic spacers to ensure the injectors are properly secured between the rail and the intake manifold.

Our FPR mount is a secure way to install your FPR on your K-Tuned k-series fuel rail. The metal brackets takes the stress off the fitting. The fitting has a double o-ring seal to ensure no chance of leaking. Seals and fittings are E85 safe. The fittings allow you to mount the FPR any angle you want, unlike when using one fitting which has to be mounted once the fitting bottoms out. 

You would run the feed line to the other side of the fuel rail or other side of the FPR. The return is off the bottom of the FPR. A washer is included to be installed under the other fuel rail mounting bolt. 

Please check clearance with upper coolant housings and the hood before purchasing. 

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