New Firewall Grommet

Posted by on 2/14/2018 to Product News
New Firewall Grommet
Our Firewall Grommet is designed specifically for our engine harness (KTH-ENG-306) as a clean and simple way of putting the harness through your firewall. It has an inside hole size of 0.65" that can be used to pass anything that size or smaller through the firewall or other location. If you are using KTH-ENG-204 (Engine Harness w/Integrated Power Wire) you will have to open the hole up slightly to clear the larger harness.

This will cover holes between 0.65" to 1.25"

General Instructions

Start by putting put painters tape on the area that you are working on. The tape will allow you to mark the area as needed and will also help keep your paint from being scratched. Also be sure you have selected an area with room for a drill to be used. Determine the minimum size hole needed to pass your item through the firewall, (What is the largest piece that must go through) make sure it is smaller than the outside dimensions of the grommet (1.25" is maximum hole size recommended). When drilling is complete, you can remove the remaining tape. If you are using the grommet for a harness, we suggest that you put the largest connectors through the hole first and work down to the smallest. Note that the black junction cover must be removed to fit it through the hole. Once the harness is through the firewall, you can install the first piece on the front and jam nut on the back. Now center the grommet and ensure it is covering the hole cleanly. Finish by installing the second piece of the front plate using the two small allen head bolts.

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