New GSR / B18C1 Upper Coolant Housing

Posted by on 3/24/2016 to Product News
New GSR / B18C1 Upper Coolant Housing
Application: B18C1 / GSR Heads

Features a -16OR (O-Ring) Outlet

K-Tuned is known for its innovative  and popular cooling components for k-series applications. Countless requests have brought forth the new b-series line. The B18C1/GSR Upper Coolant Housing offers a versatility you won't get anywhere else. Begin with selecting a basic setup or setup with optional filler. Next you can select the inlet style/size being used whether its standard silicone hoses or -AN fittings. On the filler neck option the filler neck and overflow swivel and allow you to point the overflow fitting in any direction to allow clean and simple setup.

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