New K-Tuned Power Steering Line Kit

Posted by on 2/4/2016 to Product News
New K-Tuned Power Steering Line Kit
Application: RSX 02-04, 05-06, K-Swap with Power Steering

Note: This does not fit with FLK-OF fuel kit (OEM Style Fuel System)

K-Tuned Power Steering Line Kit is a replacement kit for the RSX, and some swap applications. The line and fittings are designed to handle the extreme pressures that the power steering pump, which can see over 1,000 psi. This offers a clean and simple look while retaining functional power steering. The line features swivel ends and allows it to clear the stock mount stud.  You can purchase the fitting on the pump alone if you are doing a custom setup.

Note: 05-06 Power Steering Line Kit uses a -8AN fitting and line. Ensure you select the right year car as the fitting will be different depending on what year RSX you have.

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