New Oil Cooler Fittings and Oil Cooler Plug

Posted by on 3/3/2016 to Product News
New Oil Cooler Fittings and Oil Cooler Plug
The oil cooler fittings are direct replacement for k-series cars with oil coolers mounted on the back of the head, below the vtec solenoid. The kits come with two fittings, one for on the water pump and the other on the block. Pair these with the K-Tuned silicone hoses for best fit and look.  The fittings can be used as a simple way to clean up the engine bay or provide an easy access to coolant for turbo cars. 

The oil cooler plug can be used to plug the block when removing the water pump or plug the water pump when no oil cooler is connected. This offers a quick and easy way to plug the oil cooler ports. The plug features a 3/8NPT port that can be used to adapt to anything requiring coolant like a turbo. 

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