New Shifter Cables

Posted by Sean on 10/9/2015 to Product News

We are excited to take our shifter cables to the next level. We have always strived to make products better and this doesn't stop at our shifter cables. We have taken the whole line and made improvements starting with stronger internal cables for all shifter cables. The cables already offered a strengthened internal cable but why stop there. Our Race-Spec Shifter Cables now feature aluminum threaded locking nuts that offer weight savings and still retain the strength needed to hold the cables in place. They still include the same threaded billet cable ends and spherical bushing as well as include the billet trans bracket. The OEM-Spec Cables now feature a protective covering to help protect the cables from heat. Perhaps the most exciting part is the newest spherical bushing to provide more movement while ensure strong positive feedback. This cable bushing allows the cable to move freely while still providing a strong cable end with no play. We will be offering the spherical cable bushing alone for anyone wanting to upgrade their OEM cables.


SFT-CAB-OEM_0 (1).jpg


Race-Spec Shifter Cables w/Trans Bracket

OEM-Spec Shifter Cable w/Spherical Bushing

Spherical Shifter Cable Bushing