New oil lines and turbo fittings now available

Posted by on 9/28/2017 to Product News
New oil lines and turbo fittings now available
Application: Oil or Coolant Lines - Not recommended for brake lines

Our oil lines come in many lengths and sizes to fit most applications. Lines are 3AN and available from 12" to 48".  Lines 12", 18", 24" are straight on both sides. Lines 30", 36", 48" have one straight and one 90 degree.

Available Length  - Fitting Angle / Fitting Angle
12" Line - Straight / Straight
18" Line - Straight / Straight
24" Line - Straight / Straight
30" Line - Straight / 90 Degree
36" Line - Straight / 90 Degree
48" Line - Straight / 90 Degree

These can be used to remote mount oil pressure sensor, oil feed line, or coolant overflow. 

Turbo Oil Restrictor

Application: Turbos running 1/8NPT or 7/16-24 Thread

Engines run at different oil pressure. This can often result in too much oil pressure for a turbo. This can cause premature wear and failure of oil seals in the turbo or smoking. The simple oil restrictor is the solution. You have 3 different sizes of flow 0.6", 0.45", or 0.3". Please check recommended oil pressure from your turbo when choosing your restrictor size.

Includes - Fitting, 2 jets, and allen key

Make sure to use thread locker when installing the jets. 

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