PRB to 80mm Throttle Body Adapter Plate

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Part Number:KTD-PRB-80M
  • PRB Intake Manifold to K-Tuned 80m Throttlebody
* Confirm that the 80mm TB you are using has a gasket

If you have intake manifold with PRB bolt pattern, these are for you. These 2 piece adapter plates allow an 80mm TB to be used on a PRB Intake Manifold. We are now offering this kit for those wanting to run our Domestic Style Throttle body or other aftermarket options.

By using this specialized set of billet adapters we have made it possible to port out the TB opening including the IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) section of a PRB manifold. The porting increases the size of the TB opening and allows an 80mm TB to breathe perfectly through the newly ported off-round hole. 

If you 

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