Review - K1-Street Coilovers

Posted by Sean on 12/14/2015 to Product News

This weekend we got a review in on the K-Tuned K1-Street Coilovers from a customer who just installed them on hisType R, previously running D2 coilovers. Thanks to @itr_jozay_ (Instagram) for taking the time to share his input on the setup. 

Review for @ktuned ?#?k1Street? suspension. 
Unboxing - Upon unpacking my new set of #k1Street dampers, I was immediately impressed by the quality and time taken into the finishing of the product. Everything was coated and protected with longevity in mind. 
Installation - very easy to adjust prior to install. If you already are on another damper, just measure and adjust before installing, saves you a lot of time. 
3. Adjustment - I drove the car around until I was able to figure out just the perfect amount of stiffness for me. The adjustment knob actually clicks 36 ways, unlike other manufacturers who claim this but don't actually offer it (if you're wondering, I set all corners to 5 clicks away from the stiffest setting). 
4. Ride quality - this is where this dampers shine. The ride quality is superb. It's to the point that I had to ask myself if I was riding in a 16 yr old car again. By far the best riding suspension I've felt on any of my personal vehicles. Bumps on the road are no longer an issue and curves are hugged tighter 
5. Overall - I would highly highly recommend this suspension to anyone who is in the market for something that works far better than the price range that it is in. GREAT JOB @ktuned
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Check out the product description and options here -> K1 - Street Coilovers