Scratch and Dent***** Complete B -Series Alternator Water Plate Kit ( w/ Electric Water Pump & Bracket)

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Belt - Refer to our fitment guide in notes

Garage Sale Notes:

  •  New never used
  • Alternator brackets scratched as seen in photos
  • Full kit including water pump bracket and pre made coolant line


  •  All K20A/Z & K24A engines
* This product is made for Drag Racing Only
* Due to the many variations in crank pulley sizes and B/D series alternator casings, Please refer to our belt fitment guide HERE.

The first part developed by ETD Racing, now K-Tuned, was the electric water plate kit. Since our release we have made several advances and improvements to the design. In recent years the market has seen several knock offs. While others are happy simply try and copy our design we strive to always improve. Recently we released our K-Series Water Plate Kit which utilizes the K-Series Alternator. Now, we are excited to provide our redesigned Water Plate Kit for B-Series Alternator. 

The new water plate kit now incorporates two o-rings seals. You no longer need to seal the water plate with Honda Bond. This will make it easier switching the water plate between blocks. The alternator brackets have both been redesigned to be stronger and incorporate more adjustment. The top bracket allows the alternator to properly pivot with the alternator to adjust belt pressure. The water inlet now uses -16AN port with a custom fitting which allows eight different positions. 

For several years now racers have used electric water pumps to reduce the power robbing effects of parasitic drag from their engines.  By reducing the number of accessories the crank needs to turn there can be some impressive gains.  The K-Tuned Water Pump Block Off Plate system was designed to setup a K-series engine to run an electric water pump cooling system.  It replaces all the bulky and heavy OEM accessories with a simple lightweight aluminum plate.  The kit is designed to allow the perfect flow of coolant and also effectively release unwanted crankcase pressure.  The water port is sealed just like it was from the factory using an o-ring seal.  The breather port is threaded for an 8AN fitting and can easily be routed to any catch can set-up.

We have also designed an alternator bracket setup to be used with lighter Honda B and D alternators.  We have put together a series of kits allowing you to choose which parts you want, so you can build a system that works perfectly for your application.  This is a must have for serious race car builds and a true favorite among All Motor racers. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1 -  Is the the water plate kit a good fit for my setup?

A2 -The water plate kit is designed for race only use. It is not recommended on street cars or stock/mild builds. Since the water plate is full flow at all times it can over-cool cars that are not under WOT most of the time. It does not have a thermostat or regulated flow. 

Q2 -  Can I run AC, Power Steering, Supercharger, or any other belt driven accessories?

A2 -The simple answer is NO. The water plate kit will run at most only an alternator depending on which kit you select. There is no provision to run any other accessories. However, nothing is impossible. We have seen some adapt our kits to run some accessories but this is something they have done on their own. 

Q3 -  Is the B-Series alternator plug and play?

A3 -We have found there are 3 different B-Series alternators connectors. Unfortunately, during our testing we have not been able to match an exact option which it comes on. We suggest comparing your K-Series alternator with the new b-series one to match the connector. Or you will need the matching connector to rewire it. If you do find an exact match we are happy to hear what you found it on to better help future customers.

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