Strain Gauge Shift Knob

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Programmable Interface
  • All Honda / Acura models  
  • Load Cell Shift Knob
  • Measures Applied Force
  • Operating 'Safe Range' can be programmed
  • Works with High-End ECUs (MoTeC, AEM, Haltech, etc)

Our strain shift knob operates similarly to our previous Pro-Shift Cut Shifter. Giving a working range that can be ignored and a set value to cut above and below. This allows you to scale how much pressure is required to initiate a cut. This can be set directly inside most higher end ECUs. We also offer a programmable interface that takes the complications out of the system and can be programmed with a few buttons and easily recalibrate anytime. This is also a great option for those working with simpler ECUs that may not have all the options like Kpro or S300 for example.

This is designed to work with sequential or dog box transmission. This is not recommended to be used on stock or synchro transmission.

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